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I am greatly interested in one unignorable human truth we all share; that we live life split between our outer and inner experiences, and the struggle this causes every one of us. Since 2018, I have explored this in my work, and as I push into new terrains this one unifying truth remains central to my considerations and investigations.

In my practice, a play between our real world and an imagined one allows for relentless roaming, searching and curiosity. Accidents and surprises are encouraged and combined with modes of destruction, to open up new possibilities and hidden paths. I create references to various periods of art history mixed with diverse motifs, links and codes.

The self-invented works I paint centre on humans and their activities inhabiting imaginary surroundings influenced by the world we experience and share. The paintings are worked out on the canvas which allows for my own concerns and reflections to become imbued as a personal commentary of our present age.

I hope to contribute to furthering the language of painting. I continue to be struck by the vast possibilities paint offers the painter, and endlessly find awe in the alchemic interaction painting has on our senses.

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