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Human Reformation is a series of imaginary non-realist figurative paintings that explore the space and moments after deconstruction but before human essence and experience becomes once again concrete. 


‘I have thought a great deal about when we let go of ideas, thoughts, feelings, even identities; what happens next? First there seems to be stillness and openness, but the next moments, those of re-formation, interest me greatly. As new threads of our ideas, thoughts and feelings start to emerge; how do they entwine with other non-solid concepts of who we think we are?


In these large scale canvases the often deconstructed figures, in various stages of formation, seem to challenge the boundaries of their own physicality both energetically and emotionally. 


'How much of what we let go of is carried over, like ghosts, into our new selves? How does our environment and the energy of what’s around us affect the fragile inner human?’

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